What is Database Publishing?

The term database publishing refers to the idea of taking data from a database or spreadsheet and publishing it as a catalogue, directory, price list, or whatever, in either printed or electronic form. It's also known as variable data publishing or variable data printing.

What is CatBase?

CatBase is a database publishing program that simplifies the publication of catalogues, directories, price lists – or any data that's database-based. It works with Quark Xpress, InDesign, FrameMaker, and various other publishing formats. For a comprehensive overview of CatBase, click here.

OK then, let's see just how easy it is!

For the purposes of this Tutorial, we are using the Demo Database that is supplied with the CatBase Demo. If you would like to follow along and try it for yourself, you can download the fully-functional Demo from here.

The Steps

Publishing your catalogue, directory, etc. with CatBase takes just a few steps:

  1. Get your data into CatBase's database, either by importing it from another source or entering it manually.
  2. Set up Publishing Style Sheets. These describe what you want to publish and how you want it sorted and formatted; whether to include images, to index certain elements, etc. You set up Publishing Style Sheets by making choices in dialogues; there's no programming required.
  3. Select the data you want to publish (e.g., all of it, or just products in a certain category, or all companies in Arizona, etc.
  4. Publish it!

The process of publishing the data can be automated through the use of Publishing Projects.

See it in Action

This is quite a basic example: CatBase can create catalogs, directories, price lists etc. in many different styles - you are in control! You can see some examples of publications creates with CatBase here.

More Info

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